Terms Of Service

Terms of service will vary based on your location, you will receive exact terms of service on your quote. The following are general terms consistent with most of our location’s terms:

By signing or accepting a quote (such as by email) the customer agrees to accept the quote as a binding contract and accepts the following terms and conditions:

Terms of Service:
(1). Have the quoted services performed by the contractor.
(2). Inspect and sign off the work within 48 hours after completion.
(3). Pay final invoice amount upon receipt.
(5). Any alteration/deviation from proposed scope involving extra costs will be done only upon written order. Costs
will become an extra change, over and above the estimate. This is to include, but not limited to, hidden damages
that are uncovered during the course of the project and additional work required by local building codes.

Customer Responsibilities:
(1). Have colors chosen 5 days prior to the project start date. Send color codes to your appointed account manager
via email or text message. Color changes made within the 5 days prior to the project start date or during the project
work dates will bring added charges.
(2). Alarms should be turned off during work hours and fragile and personal items should be removed by the
customer prior to starting work.